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Our Affiliates
Dwyer Cultural Center 
International Artists for Peace and World Harmony 
New York Metropolitan
Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Center for Nonviolence

  ABOUT: International Communications Association, Inc.


Cliff Frazier

Vice President/Secretary
Ademola Olugebefola

Vice President/Treasurer
Voza Rivers


Legal Counsel
Andy White, Esq.


ICA's purpose: 

  • Act as liaison between media corporations/organizations for minorities to obtain advice, assistance and job referrals

  • Conduct seminars, lectures, forums, workshops, conferences and various gatherings to stimulate inter activity between artists, scholars, educators, community residents and others

  • Provide a venue for arts exhibitions

  • Encourage development of  housing opportunities

  • Serve as a research instrument and source of information for agencies, both public and private, concerned with the development of human resources in underprivileged areas

  • Encourage the development of  training and employment opportunities in the performing arts, fine arts, television, motion picture, recording and allied media industries  

In 2007 ICA completed the co-development of the 10 story Dwyer Building located in Central Harlem at 123rd Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in collaboration with Cross Construction.  The Dwyer Building includes 51 condominium apartments, street level retail space and the 7,000 sq. ft. Dwyer Cultural Center, located on the first floor and   Lower Level.  The cultural center includes a modern 75 seat multimedia theatre, multi room state-of-the-art exhibition galleries, rehearsal multi use performance spaces as well as administrative incubator and management space. The build out for the Cultural Center was completed in collaboration with Community Works. This facility  will house  ICA’s International Headquarters, its cultural activities and its United Nations initiatives.