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  The Dwyer Cultural Center

  The Dwyer Building:
A century ago, as Manhattan’s elite moved uptown, skilled artisans built extraordinary brownstones north of Central Park to accommodate them. Originally, the Dwyer Warehouse was being built to provide furniture storage for the burgeoning carriage trade. Harlem today is inhabited by a diverse mix of young professionals, growing families, and longtime residents who all share in a sense of excitement and neighborhood for their extraordinary community. The Dwyer represents Manhattan living at its best.
  Visit the Dwyer Cultural Center website http://www.dwyercc.org
The Dwyer Building, located in Central Harlem at 123rd Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, is the result of a successful development partnership between the International Communications Association (ICA) and Cross Construction. The Dwyer Building includes 51 condominium apartments, street level retail and a 7000 square feet cultural industry space.

The Board of ICA believes that meaningful partnerships can lay the foundation for very positive and productive results.

To this end, ICA has collaborated with Community Works in the development of the Dwyer Cultural Center, which includes a modern 75 seat multimedia theatre, multi room state-of the-art exhibition galleries, rehearsal and multi-use performance spaces, as well as administrative incubator and management office spaces.

In addition, the Dwyer Cultural Center will house ICA’s International Headquarters and United Nations initiatives. ICA works very closely with the non-government organization (NGO) of the United Nations and has created several international projects in collaboration with various NGOs. Some of these will take place at the Dwyer.

ICA is also laying the groundwork for its "International Artists for Peace and World Harmony Initiative", which will bring together artists world-wide to develop strategies and initiatives for promoting and facilitating partnerships for peace and harmony. The participants will include actors, singers, musicians, dancers, writers, filmmakers, painters, designers, etc.

ICA will also continue with its collaboration with the New York Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolence in the presentation of its Annual ICA Award for World Harmony, which is presented to individuals, or organizations that have developed programs or activities that promote positive interaction between individuals or nations locally, nationally or internationally. ICA’s participation in New York Metropolitan Martin Luther King Center for Non-violence’s Annual King Interfaith Silent Prayer March and Celebration for Peace, Religious and Racial Harmony has helped make it a premiere and expanding event.

Through its community service partnership efforts, ICA helped develop a U.S. citizenship initiative approved by U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services that prepared legal immigrants to take the test for U.S. Citizenship. ICA conducted classes on U.S. History and Government, provided fingerprinting services and arranged for the test to be administered by Marich, Inc. Through ICA’s efforts, over 1,000 legal immigrants became U.S. citizens.