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  ICA, Media Training Pioneer

  Actor Sidney Poitier, co-chair of CFWC photographed with students and staff, 1970.  
Cliff Frazier with CFWC board member, producer/director Sidney Lumet and  Ossie Davis discussing strategy of job placement for graduates at graduation exercise, 1970.
Ossie Davis with film students from CFWC of Chicago  1971
  Actress Shirley Maclaine co-chair of CFWC joins Cliff Frazier at CFWC training center, 1971.  
  Cliff Frazier and actress Angela Lansbury visit Mobilization for Youth on Lower East Side in Manhattan, 1967  

Actor, Ossie Davis, INCA chair with wife Ruby Dee attending graduation ceremony for Recording Industry students at the Village Gate. NYC 1979

Community Film Workshop Council
Third World Cinema and
Institute of New Cinema Artist

The above three organization pioneered in training minorities, women and disadvantaged whites and placing them in the motion picture, television and allied media industries.  Over 2,500 graduates, interns or conference participants obtained employment throughout the United States and abroad.

Below are some of the phenomenal successes under the Executive Directorship of Cliff Frazier changed the face of these industries.
  • Television and Radio Artists and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • First union approved feature film training program for minorities and women 1972
  • Creation of the Minority Careers Workshop for the International Radio & TV Society. Over 1,000 minorities have participated and the majority have obtained employment or clearly defined career paths.  1986 to present
  • 1969, the development of film and television training centers in Hartford, Ct, New York City, Whitesburgh, Ky, Chicago, Ill, Santa Fe, NM, Atlanta, Ga, Puerto Rico and Visalia, Calif. The workshops in Chicago and Whitesburgh continue to exist today
  • Reunion 2000, a major Communications Conference and Awards Ceremony brought together 400 graduates who came from 20 different states as well as France, Nigeria, Holland, Ecuador, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands. Also attending were major media executives including: Jack Valenti, President, Motion Picture Association of America, Kenny Utt, Producer, Silence of the Lambs, Chiz Schultz,  Producer, A Soldier’s Story, Melvin Van Peebles, Motion Picture, Producer/Writer/Director, Lisa Weinstein, Producer, “Ghosts”, Kenneth Gamble, of Gamble and Huff, Glenda Bryant, Warner Records, Gloria Steinem, etc.
Accomplishments of some of the former students and interns have included: Preston Holmes who produced the feature films,”Malcolm X”,  “Posse”, “Crooklyn”, “Panther”, “Illegal Tender”, etc.; Warrington Hudlin, who produced the feature films, “Boomerang”, “House Party” and “Bebe Kids”; Stanley Nelson, motion picture producer/director who received the McArthur Genius Award; Robin Verges, Senior VP Rubenstein Associates; Rod Daniels, Senior News Anchor WBAL-TV, Baltimore, Md.; Lyn Brown, retired News Anchor, WNYW Fox 5 TV,  NYC; Mary Vaughn the first Black woman hired as a news film camera operator, WMAL-TV, Washington, DC; Jessie Maple, the first woman to obtain a motion picture camera operator and film editor union card.
By way of the Community Film Workshop Council, Third World Cinema and Institute of New Cinema Artist over $8 million in grants and contributions were made available for training and placement.  To date over $75 million have been paid in Federal, State and City taxes by the graduates, a return of over 9 to 1 on the original investment.

Harry Belafonte, CFWC Board member with apprentices on the motion picture Angel Levine,  1969
Native American students from CFWC of
Santa Fe on location.
CFWC of Chicago, Willis Perry, CFWC, National
(Lt of Camera); Jim Taylor, Director
Chicago on location with students 1973 
Instructor, Dan Defina with film students,
Oscar Deleon and Carlos Montes from
of Visalia, California  1970
CFWC of Hartford students on location
for film production 1972
CFWC graduate, Moses Price TV cameraman
from WHCT-TV on assignment
in Hartford, Ct 1973
CFWC Workshop (Apalshop) in Whitesburg,
(lt) Asst Director, Dave Adams;
Bill Richardson (rt) Director  1972